Sunday, 3rd May, 2020.

By: Simon Maiwada.

Sequel to the demonic and brutal outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19), the world over has suffered a lot of calamities and are still suffering hard times in her various endeavors in the bid to finding solutional efforts to curtail the pandemic.

In the above light, several of the victmized continents has been working tirelessly to discover vaccines and (or) drugs that could serve as a cure to the virus.

While in the pressure of this course, most of these countries has equally bastardize the need to foresee the post-coronavirus experience that may likely cause more harms than the said coronavirus itself.

What Do I Mean By Post-coronavirus Experience?

Hunger is brutally coming! The hunger that is coming will not be limited to the desire for food solely, it will take its coverage to all the basic needs of Man that are necessary for his survival in the society.

Food will become so scarce to the extent that stealing shall become inevitable!

Other basic needs of man like clothing, shelter, safety and job security will not be left out of these looming mess!

In Nigeria for instance, amongst the various MDAs, the ministry of health is currently the most active ministry that is burdened with workload, in the “post-coronavirus experience”, the ministry of agricultural should be warming up alongside the various security agencies shall be in turn to work tirelessly ensure food security and to safeguarde the innocent citizens from the various disastrous mess that is forthcoming.

Solutions/Recommendations To The Forthcoming Post-coronavirus Experience.

The indispensably of food to man’s survival is very prominent such that we can never skip food for life, unless we are ready to surrender to death.

We should not restrict our current efforts to quenching Covid-19 solely.
We should thus, extend hands to agricultural activities.

While the health and medical professionals are busy strategizing necessary plans to containing or curtailing the virus, the agricultural professionals (farmers) should be duly equipped, oriented and granted the liberty with every necessary tools and resources to farm vastically.

Consequently, if our struggles are restricted to ending coronavirus alone, famine is inevitably coming with full force which will unequivocally cause famish to our nation’s economy if not vigorously tackled now!

Worthy of note, is the area of government to segregate a special freedom to farmers in the lockdown order with an inclusion of the (36) states of the federation and the FCT. Of course, this will enable the farmers to continue venturing their usual agricultural engagement in order to sustain agricultural productivity in the country.

The government at all levels are hereby enjoined to orientate and equip the farmers with the necessities in order to boost agricultural productivity to avoiding the forthcoming famine and her various negative consequences.

Also, while we await the government’s reaction to the above effect, the common citizens, most especially those at and around the rural areas should as a matter of national importance, collectively join forces with the farmers to engaging on agricultural activities to boosting food in time shortly when the need becomes demanding.

More importantly, engaging in agricultural activities (quo-pro), will make the youths and every other concerned person (s) to not have food alone but to also later have money in exchange when need be.

Conclusively, while the Covid-19 is still accelerately coasting high, we should as well trigger strict adherence to the various instructions and guidelines issued by health and medical professionals even as we await to see the end of the pandemic in no distant time.

May Almighty God lead us to the right path of victory (Amen).

Simon Maiwada (DonSP),
Public Activist And Humanitarian Administrator.
[email protected]

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