The versatility and indispensable virtues of friendship – DonSP

Today, a considerable number of people become great not because they absolutely have all it takes to catapult them to these heights but because of the quality roles of friendship played therewith.

The acceleration of “whom do you know” that begets favouritism and nepotism in all endeavours of life are mostly the end product of friendship in disguise.

Friendship has victorize many guiltors in convictions and cases where ordinarily, they would have been prosecuted and sanctioned for their wrong and evil deeds.

In the context of my composition, the word “Friendship” connotes the act of cultivating a warmth and approachable characters able to be related with people and her environment.

By friendship, I mean the ability of individual to establish an easy relationship with people they cut-across by promoting their positive concerns without hostility.

With friendship, the weak becomes strong, the hopeless pick up their courage, the fearful becomes brave and the bad turns good.

Friendship has turned a set of peripheral personalities to become giants of their society politically, academically, financially, religiously and otherwise.

A true friendship has no regards for expertise, age, class, colour, size, status whatsoever!

Only with friendship bent irons can become straight without conicism. With friendship the shattered becomes reunited and commanders of exploitative results.

It is important we do away with acrimonial envy and rather exhibit the act of making friendship a bonhomie in our dwellings and other entanglements.

Until the good seeds are planted, the harvest shall continue to remain minimal and clothed with the garments of calamity.

Assist a brother, support a sister and help the needy within the capacity of your reach and in doing so, the world can become a better place for us.

Conclusively, I will leave us with this pedigrial ancient parable which can serve as a food for thought to us that says;
“Good Name Is Better Than Riches”!

In the above wise, only for the pursuit of riches very many people has bastardize and negated the admirable virtues of friendship!

Whereas, at the end of the riches cometh death where all our pursuits and attainments shall be left on this sinful earth while our soul then transit to judgement.

May Almighty God with his sufficient grace and infinite mercies, enrich us with the wisdom and understanding to embrace the right paths of life.

Simon Maiwada (DonSP).

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