Just after I had attended to a few necessary things one Saturday morning, I decided to make a list for the market in order to use the one thousand fifty naira (1050naira) that I had (as last tickets) to buy some food items and ingredients.

Below was my list:

  1. One measure of rice – N300
  2. One measure of beans – N400
  3. Tomato and onions – N100
  4. Fresh pepper – N50
  5. Dry fish – N100
  6. Transport to and fro the market – N100

I felt like everything was already in place just as planned even before setting out for the market. “I will work with my list” I said to myself.

As calculated, I used 50naira to get to the market. When I had reached the market, I walked to the food items section where I bought a measure of rice at N300 and that of beans at N400.

After buying the measures of rice and beans, I headed for tomato, onions and fresh pepper. On my way to the section, I saw a lot of eye-catching items that I should buy but didn’t have on my list. I thought to buy and I thought to not buy.

However, I managed to overcome my other mind just when I reached the place I was to buy tomato, onions and fresh pepper. I bought them as planned, and at a glance, I saw that my list was almost done with.

I then checked my pocket and realized I was left with N150 – N100 for dry fish and N50 for my transport back home from the market.

As I walked through different sections for the shop I was to buy dry fish, I came across a man selling hairbrushes. I passed him with a few steps but turned around as I thought for a second that my hairbrush at home was bad.

I took a few seconds to make a choice from my indecisiveness. I bought the hairbrush at N100 and was left with N50 which was supposed to take me back home.

A few steps away from the man, I arrived the vegetables section. “These tomatoes won’t be enough for stew; I should buy some Ugwu leaves to add” I thought within myself. And with no hesitation, I bought Ugwu leaves for N50.

While walking away from the vegetables seller, I checked out all my pockets for if there was anything left… Sadly, nothing was; not even a single naira.

Haven realized that nothing was left on me because I had gone out of the list, I took to walking back home by foot. It actually took me an uneasy 30 minutes to reach home.

The experience of the list and my tough 30minutes walk back home by foot as a result of breaking out of the list explored my reasoning to few lessons about life.

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