The pandemonium between governor Obaseki Godwin of Edo State and the APC National chairman, Adams Oshiomole : Simon Maiwada

Nigerian politics is one of the outstanding contributor of poverty and crimes that has been serving as monumental impediments in the wheels of development, peace and stability in our economy.

Over years, Godfatherism has submerged Nigerian politics, marking it with ineraseable detriments which will unequivocally be cumbersome for the coming political generation to easily recover from.

Consequently, some of the evil-effects we are being confronted with in the political phase of our nation today, is a pure repercussion of the past political violence covering both specific and general.

Today, the incumbent Governor of Edo state, Mr. Godwin Obaseki was couply disqualified from contesting under the auspices of the party by the APC screening committee. What else could anyone say? Who else could be fingered to this cruel effect? Oshiomole.

To you Mr. Oshiomole, if you have really succeeded to disqualify Governor Obaseki from contesting primaries under APC, know clearly that you may not succeed to disqualify him from emerging victory at the general gubernatorial run.
Also, beware that PDP are warming up against APC in Edo state because they may likely use this case as an avenue to clinch in the gubernatorial seat.

The accelerating quest for Godfatherism in Nigerian politics is becoming appalling and worthy of cognito for the protection of democracy, that is if it is even practiced in Nigerian polity or to at least, safeguard the voice of justice in the future.

The forces behind the disqualification of Governor Obaseki is glaringly clear, none than Mr. Oshiomole. Indeed, the space of late. COS, Abba Kyari is really missing. With Abba Kyari in this case, his judgement won’t be negotiated even in the court of law.

However, I am not surprised about the effectation of the APC gubernatorial screening committee because similar cases has happened in other states in the past.

Tinibu and Ambode in Lagos State, Udom and Akpabio in Akwa-Ibom, Goodluck Jonathan and Dickson in Bayelsa state, Amaechi and Wike in Rivers state, Ibro and Wada in Kogi state, Almakura and Abdullahi in Nasarawa state and a host of others has suffered similar effects.

However, both the chasers and the chasees could tell better their major “Bone of Contentions” but whatever be it, the law of an office (Tenure) is real, the law of temperance is real, the law of karma is real, the law of nature is real, the law of nemesis is real and posterity awaits us all because nothing on earth including power, lasts forever!

Simon Maiwada.
Public Activist and Humanitarian Administrator.
[email protected]

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