Nigerian Youths In The State of Moral Decadence – Simon Maiwada

The increasing speed at which the youths in our society are deteriorating from moral conducts that suits for the context of the current civilization is quiet alarming and appalling.

Law enforcement agencies in our nation today has clinched so many innocent citizens with false accusations to the extent of summoning some of these alleged victims for extraditions due to the calamatized indulgence amongst the youths.

In the context of my composition, “Moral Decadence” simply connotes the deviation in the standard of behaviour amongst the youths. Moral Decadence is said to be when people (Youths) are characterized by ethic-cultural declination.

The youths in our society today are the tools and weapons used by the top politicians and government functionaries through thuggery, kidnapping, high killers amongst other evil executions.

An average youth in our society today has no iota of respect and fear for elders as it were in the past pedigree.

The moral compass of our youths has been metamorphosed into arrant assaults and stigmatized with hooliganisms & barbarianisms.

Regarding the above light, it is however very pertinent not to underestimate the factors and circumstances that could compel the youths to executing these retarding declinations.

Causes of Moral Decadence Among The Youths.

Moral decadence can be traced from several factors amongst which constitutes the following.

  1. Misbehavior can be hereditarily transferred.
  2. Parental negligence in the inculcation of moral ethics during infancy and puberty.
  3. Environment wherein the youths are brought up.
  4. Peer pressure, culture and childhood association.
  5. Psychological effect.
  6. Bad governance, etcetera.

Every misbehaviour amongst the youths in our society today can be as a result of either of the above captured factors!

A wise conviction should not just shower blames to the youths without taken a prior look at the reasons for their gross misconduct in behaviour.


Below are a few curved possible solutions to moral decadence on the parts of our youths today. The solutions may not be as holistic and comprehensive as possible because of some of the irrevocable causes.

  1. Good governance.
  2. The place of good parenting in training and responsibilities should not be downplayed.
  3. Any anti-moral acts discovered by the youths should be non-negotiably avoided.
  4. That misbehavior that is begetted from hereditary, only God’s intervention could cure it, amongst others.

Precautions they say, is better than cure. Therefore, my message is more of unveiling the causes of moral decadence amongst our youths in order to unravel more light on the sombre repercussions therewith.

In conclusion, current parents and guardians will find this composition more interesting as the tips to engineering moral decadence has been lighted. Also, the youths will as well, find this piece useful when the victims can vigorously apply the aforementioned remedies to moral decay.

Together, let’s engineer the decadence amongst our youths because the future is near where all positions of authority will be held by the youths and Nigeria will be great again.

Simon Maiwada.
Public Activist and Humanitarian Administrator.
[email protected]

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