Nigerian Federal Government and its Blindfolded Governance – Simon Maiwada.

We will keep advocating for peace and justice in a state as this where the lives of our citizens is downplayed in shambles over insecurity, while the federal government would be prioritizing a commercialized virus (Covid-19).

It is very sad but true that, we have recorded less than 500 death cases so far since the period the Covid-19 pandemic burst into our nation notwithstanding, the rate at which the so called NCDC are viralizing the cases is too illusive and conic such that hitherto, no government authority could question their crooked reports.

The federal government has made it succinctly clear to her citizenry that, there is a myopic collaboration between them and the heartless NCDC who have deviated their elementary assignments and has dived to sink it as a business body rather.

The Nigerian Federal Government has ignorantly bastardize other main tasks which ordinarily should have been a priority of its responsibilities and now cloth itselves with garments of commercializing Covid-19, singing the fake and conic reports presented by the NCDC. What a shame!

The over 16000 cases said to be registered and presented so far by the NCDC are full of false statistics. A case study of Kogi state and Taraba state respectively.

So sad! Within the period of 40 days, insecurity has swallowed about 268 Nigerian citizens in just 5 states of the federation! This, I describe as a raw wickedness.

Borno state, the home-lodge of ‘Boko Haram’ has recorded about 81 killings, 70 in Sokoto state, 69 in Katsina state, 30 in Kaduna state and 18 in Kogi state over insecurity and banditry.

Ipso-facto, over the period the Covid-19 pandemic erupted our nation, Nigerian citizens has suffered several casualties in other main insecurity and health issues as; kidnapping, armed robbery, road accidents, typhoid, malaria fever, yellow fever, what about rape cases? The worse!

Where are we going to to? How long could this take us?

Instead of striving for the welfare of workers and other citizens, ensure their safety and security, the federal government has directed all its attention to fighting a fightless fight with the Covid-19 pandemic which has been glaringly metamorphosed as a business entity in Nigeria.

The federal government should wake up to its responsibilities or be ready to face the wrath of Almighty God because it is real that, there is no peace for the wicked.

Simon Maiwada.
Public Activist and Humanitarian Administrator.
[email protected]

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