Leadership Failure and the APC Crisis in Nigeria – Simon Maiwada

Untill the fear of God is embraced with vast knowledge and applied wisdom, the democracy in nigerian society will remain as a mystery.

Late MKO Abiola said this and I quote, “A nation that does not do justice cannot know peace and that is why in all religions, justice is basic, otherwise there will be no peace except the peace of the graveyard”.

It is quite sickening that the ruling party which on a normal ground, supposed to portray a standard and sterling leadership qualities to the citizenry are the same, negating the natural and constitutional rights and privileges of its members.

It is no longer misinforming that, crisis has been riding the wheels of the ruling party (APC) in our dear country. These crisis has spread across several states of the nation amongst which are the mainstreams of nigerian politics.

Just within the past few days, two major cases has been rocking the political cloud of Rivers state, one major case in Edo state, one in Ondo state and one in the federal capital territory, Abuja.

In Rivers state, the APC Acting party Chairman, Mr. Igo Aguma has suspended the Acting national chairman, Victor Giadom.

Afterwards, a pandemonium arose amongst two groups of the same party, clothed with dichotomy as one group were on attempt to burndown the party’s secreteriat.

In Edo state, the National Acting Chairman of the party said, there is no primary election authorised by the party in the state as he writes to INEC, that the just concluded primaries in the state should be nullified.

Ondo state on their part, there has been a severe headache in the party’s health, following the membership resignation of the Deputy Governor & Ondo state SSG from the party which hitherto, the entire state is yet to recover from the mess.

In Abuja, Hon. Worgu Boms was again, sworn in as the new National Deputy Secretary to replace the acting National Chairman who was earlier suspended by the Rivers State Acting Chairman of the party.

There are suspected speculations currently ongoing in Ekiti and Benue states which would unequivocally be viralize shortly.

The sensitive implications of these crisis now has transited from specificl to general, as these issues becomes a national concern.

I hereby call on the attention of the federal government to as a matter of urgency and national importance, come in to establish a concrete synergy between and among those with difference, with the bid to salvage the country from external aggression and embarrassment.

Consequently, such issues as party affiliations should be engraved in this regard in order to curtail a lasting solution to these crisis. Although APC as a party is operated by a group of cabals, its peace to a large extent would extend its virtues to the general public.

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