Man is born free but chains everywhere – Denwi Joshua

Apart from the pains mothers pass through birth and the strive to survive as humans life is easy and free but man has entangled himself with so many problems (chains).

Chains here doesn’t signify the metals joined together to hold or keep something or someone at stationary but things which ourselves have attached which makes our lives difficulties or not to be free.

Many of the life entanglements are caused by individuals which are affected while little are caused or influenced by people to them.


HATRED: Hatred is a chain which never gives freedom of heart to man. Just as one keeps hating another he keeps chaining his heart because he won’t have a free conscience.

ENVY: Envy is a big chain which never gives one the sight to grow because as long as you keep envying someone you become so myopic to process your ideas in order to be like the person.

ROBBERY: Will you be free in heart for snatching people’s properties or belonging?. As long you as you keep developing that phobia of attack from those you stole their belonging you have bonded yourself with chain.

KIDNAPPING: Holding people for ransom is one of the biggest inhuman act. Life is given to you freely but you held someone hostage and threatening to kill unless a ransom is paid.
It is indeed a chain to the victim and the abductor. It is a chain to victim for been hostage and a chain to the abductor for beeingy under security fears.

CORRUPTION: Extorting and looting of public fund is a chain which one entangles himself unknowingly and gradually because the process seems to bring joy to him.
At a long run when this dubious act is uncovered it may send the victim to imprisonment (chain) for a long period of time.
Man is born free but chains everywhere.

These are few of the many chains man has decided not to make his life simple and free in the society.

Those things or act which man has decided to chain himself are not hereditary or family lifestyles but are born out of his doom curiosity.

Anything or behaviour or act that goes contrary to the social status of a society are chains because they must surely be used to persecute or prosecute you.

We can only be free if and only if we discern to our societal and Nation’s rules, guides and regulations.


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