Buhari’s dissolution of national working committee will reduce a percentage of godfatherism in Nigerian Politics – Simon Maiwada

Sequel to the sack of the national working committee led by Adams Oshiomole and Bola Asiwaju Tinibu (Jagaban), a percentage of superiority complex amongst the Nigerian political godfatherism will unequivocally be reduced.

The exoneration of the APC party leadership which was led by its former chairman, Adams Oshiomole was a hell on the parts of some seating and intending politicians in nigerian society.

While the fate of several political office holders was guaranteed for victory, others are already restrategizing adventures that could sail them to power.

Buhari’s sudden decision that sacked the former national working committee was drastically unexpected and shocking. While others are of the opinion that the crises just began in the party, I am of the stand that nothing best was to be done by the president than what he did.

Currently, Tinibu Jagaban has confessed his true mind that, over time, he has not made any official declaration as regards to whether he will run for president in 2023 while Mr. Oshiomole who was pressuring the removal of the incumbent Governor of Edo state said he regretted no action of his, while in office.

Consequently, while some south west and south south political aspirants are currently dancing, galavanting and jonketting to Buhari’s action, others are bitterly mourning and panicking following the execution.

To my wise in Buhari’s execution, nothing has he done best than reducing godfatherism amongst nigerian politicians. His actions was a succinctly clear pointer that in due time, political godfathers will fail in Nigerian polity.
Buhari’s action should also serve as a severe lesson to many nigerians whose political hope to clinch power is absolutely lied on political godfathers.

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