The power tussle between governor Akeredolu and his Deputy, Ajayi – Simon Maiwada

It is becoming a stigma and national embarrassment to the Nigerian Political System on the primitive & various of drama on our today’s politicians, most especially the elected representatives at the executive councils of our Nigerian states.

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Consequently, the alarming and appalling area of these mess is; the future would hold and document an evil history about the entire nation which could definitely and negatively affect the upcoming political giants of our nation and its society.

As it is currently, several of the outstanding foreign countries around the world are in international embargo with Nigerian Government, as fear has beclouded these developed nations to embark on international trade with Nigerian society due to fear of corrupt practices such as the Nigerian culturated embezzlement, fraudulence acts, failed leadership at states and national levels amongst others.

On the case of Governor Akeredolu of Ondo state, what has the rights to freedom of association got to do with constitutional rights of (Power Hierarchy)? How could the the decamped Deputy Governor be negated from attaining his constitutionally spelled rights of (Power-Shift)?

Instead of operating your governance with the right and proper political standards of democracy, you are imposing autocratic coercion to your Deputy in the idiomatic name of ‘decamp’.

Beforehand, there has been a lot of speculations that fingers Akeredolu of withdrawing the security personnels, attached to the deputy Governor following his resignation from the party which he denied.

Afterwards, sequels to testing positive to Covid-19, he refuses with unconvinceable and meritless convictions to handover power to his deputy while he goes into isolation for health/medical attention.

The attention of our executive representatives all over the tiers of government should be of the thoughts that they are representing the large masses which is a coverage of young, old and unborn generation in order to hence, take caution of their dealings for the sake of posterity.

On this note, unless our today’s Nigerian Political System is engineered and treated right, the future of the country should be extremely appalled for.

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