Magus’s case and the danger in Buhari’s Administration – Simon Maiwada

Buhari’s foremost campaign slogan was to “Fight Corruption” that has been retarding developmental bid and causing inestimable harms to the Nigerians over time.

After a lot of long struggles of over 5 years in office, we seem not to really feel the impacts of these many alleged corrupt cases uncovered by the EFCC, ICPC and other law enforcement agencies in charge of governmental machineries and disciplines.


Amongst the numerous uncovered loot by this agencies, the most obvious case that injects the minds of nigerian citizenry was the huge “Abacha Loot” which hitherto, is unaccounted for.

Less I forget, what about the many Covid-19 donations from kind-hearted local and international persons and corporations? Nothing to showforth!

The best the EFCC and the ICPC could do is to chase the young youths both at home and street with alleged internet fraudulence cases, whereas the Boss fraud is being committed by those with governmental authorities!

I advise Buhari with due respect to suspend his so called “Fight Against Corruption” and better place much focus on the insecurity we have being restlessly battling with and also ensure the due welfare of Nigerian workers.

We are not blind, we are sensitive to the many national issues but could not do anything because the capacity has been autocratically embedded to the political occupants.

Only God will rescue our Nation and the evil leadership problem we have been faced with.

I am Simon Maiwada.

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