The world we live – DENWI JOSHUA

The world we live!, in contemporary;
We have accepted so many wrongs and abnormalities as being normal in taking every perspective of life desires or wishes.

We gain so much joy in mockery and booing people who have failed to accomplish a task or meet up with their daily meals and responsibilities. Instead of helping or extending a hand of charity we’d do otherwise. The world we live!.


We see people failing out in some duties or responsibilities instead of cheering them up with some igniting words or with something that will inculcate their spirit to try more and harder we’d turn them to laughing items. The world we live!.

On a daily basis we meet different set of people with disabilities who seek for help from us especially monetary but we’d rather shun on them stating we are not the one who put them in such conditions. The world we live!.

Someone misplaces his/her phone and you found it instead of leaving the phone on so that the owner can call and make a trace for the phone you rather switch off the phone, remove the battery and swing away the sim cards stating that “God don catch this one”, which means you have been praying for someone’s phone to get lost. The world we live!.

In our neighbourhoods we find people who merely get a square meal per day whereas we get three and even beyond and throw some away. Why can’t we make those set of people feel they worth more than they are getting?. Why can’t we make them know it’s circumstances?. Otherwise, we make them feel jealous and embarrassed. The world we live!.

Your neighbours children are been chased out of school for non payment of school fee but all you could say is “why will he enroll his children in a school he can’t afford the fee”. The world we live!.

As a student you change cloths everyday but make mockery of your friend who repeats clothes, instead of bringing him closer to offer little from yours you’d feel you came from a rich family with pomposity. The world we live!.

Many of us have come across accidents scenes but instead of coming to the aid of the victims we bring out our phones and start taking pictures as if we work in TV Stations. The world we live!.

We see someone’s child going wrong or in danger but we overlook, most times the child may be screeeming for help but we shun them because they are not part of our immediate family. The world we live!.

When a government is failing to it’s responsibilities instead of putting them on the right track for good governance we make critics and condemnation because we ain’t in the same political party with them. The world we live!.

We visit hospitals to check our sick family members and relations but will shun other patients who are in same or more terrible situation just because we thought nothing associate is with them. The world we live!.

At this point with my pen I want to tell you that until we as humans change our perception towards one another then life will get better for everyone. We have to see ourselves as one regardless of where we came from as individual.

Have others feelings and live for better.

Be tauched and be moved to go for the good and leave behind the wrong and bad.

Denwi Joshua

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