Understanding the Indispensable power of Skill -Simon Maiwada

The 21st century has compeled the world over to embrace pragmatic and skillful activities rather than the initial theoretical entanglements.

Once upon a time when spoken grammar, accounting of histories and pedigrees which were all bagged from schools were coined as a means of attaining livelihood.

Gone are those days when quoting of constitutions, speaking of grammatical ambiguities, rhetoritical braggadocios amongst other flamboyant activities could make one a wealthy person.


Today, as soon as you show me an unskilled person, I will empirically analyze the degree of his/her poor state.

We are living in a gent age where graduates becomes the labour force for skillful illiterates.

Graduates are now the tooled devices in the hands of skillful secondarials and primary certificate holders. What a revolution!

Are you a graduate of any institution?
Did you graduate with a first class or distinction certificate?
Are you sure your Msc and (or PhD) can secure you a sound job without any requisite skill?

Welcome to reality because you are just a halfway qualify to withstand the 21st century with such mentality!

Lower your eggo of academic qualification and bow to learn skills as the rudiments to lunch your relevance.

We cannot all work salary jobs with the public or private organizations and conglomerates.

Because you are not a monthly salary earner does not spell you a poor person. Your lack of requisite skills does!

Rather, we can become producers of essential products in our society. We can rather render useful services in exchange for money that can faramount the civil servants and company labourers.

Know this: You must always pay for whatsoever you cannot produce! The payment here must not necessarily be in money, your skills can settle you from such embarrassment.

Your academic qualification alone does not guarantee you wealth and riches. Requisite skills with your academic qualification does!

I will subsequently endeavor to pen down and beam more light about skills as the power to get rid of the various monuments that tends to impede the current contemporary in my next article for the state of clarity.
Before then, you can consult me for further embellishments on this regard.

Being an unskilled person equals you to an attractive food without a beautiful taste. You know what this means?
Anyone who tasted you once would never want to taste you again. The effect will not stop there: The person who knew how poor your taste was, can never recommend anyone to come close to you again!

Get at least, one requisite skill that can stand to face the test of time today.
See you at the apex top!

Simon Maiwada (DonSP).
[email protected]

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