The Corruption Saga in NDDC, EFCC and Neptosm in Nigeria Politics – Simon Maiwada

Earlier last week, I articulated to the Federal Government on the negative implications that would aftermath the corruption saga rocking the NDDC with emphasis on the drama between Minister of Niger Delta, Godswill Akpabio and the former NDDC Boss, Joy Nunnieh if they failed to promptly prevail therein.

In respond to the above effect, the Federal Government has in collaboration with the National Assembly, promptly organized an investigatory panel to handle the case which named Tunji Ojo as the Chairman to head the panel which was simultaneously on top gear before the highest embarrassment broke out today.

Just this afternoon, the Acting Managing Director of the NDDC, Professor Pondei was allegedly reported to collapse when the panel’s investigation goes too tough on the commission.

Nonetheless, the presidency has before the above drama, told its Citizenry to expect further surprises following the suspension of the former EFCC Boss, Ibrahim Magu on similar corrupt allegations which hitherto, has not been resolved.

Consequently as though it was not enough, the Chairman of the investigatory panel, Tunji Ojo proceeded to resign as the Chairman of the panel which he said, the reasons were personal; as he asked the collapse A.g Managing Director to approach the “Anti-graft Agencies for its furtherance.

Still on the probe, a large group of people reportedly stormed the National Assembly wherein the investigation was ongoing, seeking the Federal Government to immediately sack the Minister of the commission, Akpabio due to his conic dealings over the commission.

Where was Magu when these frauds were rocking the commission?
On what grounds did the Federal Government appointed Magu as the then EFCC Boss and Akpabio as the Minister for Niger Delta? Nothing but nepotism!

On this course, in a nation where poor leaders are occupying the top National Machineries and Authorities, development will undoubtedly remains an unattainable height.

Thus, until Nigerian Politics is reengineered and fixed with fairness and justice, the fight against corruption would remain a waste of time, energy and resources.

Finally, just as the presidency has earlier told Nigerians, we are expecting more frauds to be unfolded and the moves towards which the convictions and sanctions would be executed.

Filed By: Simon Maiwada.
Public Activist and Humanitarian Administrator.
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