The attack on Agbudu (Bassa community) in Kogi State, a Signal to Rising Insecurity and Alarming Danger – Simon Maiwada Blows hot

Late MKO Abiola once said, “A nation that does not do justice cannot know peace, it is as simple as that. That is why in all religions, justice is basic, otherwise there will not be peace except the peace of the graveyard”.

I will begin by firstly, sympathizing with the victims and her loved ones over the sad and brutal killings that swallowed not fewer than 14 lives of the modest Bassa People in (Agbudu Community) of Kogi local government area and injured many others in the early hours of 29th July, 2020.

I vehemently condemn with totality, the cruel imbroglio acts that was executed by the ‘subterfuge and bloodsucking coven of warlocks’ usually termed as an “Unknown Gunmen” that butchered about 14 humans like cow meats, describing such deeds as megalomaniac and inhuman!

The worse of the occurrence is the authenticated fact that, about 13 of the brutalized deceases, were members of the same blood from a family of 14, which left only one soul as the survival. This is indeed, a very ugly act being plotted and lunched by bloodthirsty beasts.

At this juncture, it is not out of place to also recall the general attention of concerned authorities that, a similar killings as the above took place in the same local government at the early days of this year; been Friday, 3rd January where not fewer than 23 same (Bassa people) were slaughtered, burnt and fired to death without exclusion of properties worth millions of naira.

Still under the above effect, one church was ablazed down, the car of the traditional ruler of the community where the brutality took place was also a victim of this skullduggery acts; the Imam of the community (Tawari) was equally killed among other sympathetic circumstances entangled with this sorrowful occurrence, which hitherto, left irrecoverable marks in the lives of the victims before the part 2 came to play again on a speedergear.

In the light of the above retrospective statistics, it is succinctly clear that not fewer than 37 (Bassa People) has been killed in the said local government within the space of just 6 months excluding the shattered million worths of properties!

Consequently, the government’s bid to plant security and law enforcement agencies in the affected area has kaleidoscopically metamorphosed into another phase of destruction. How on earth, will 13 people out of a family of 14 just be mysteriously swallowed up within a couple of hours by monstered vampires and sociopaths?
This is utterly and completely evil and nothing good will sequel this acts but a plague to our nation!

On this course, as a matter of urgency and national importance, I beseech the Kogi state government to synergize with the federal government to strategically implore an indepth and sensitive investigation into the incessant killings in these areas and give it a lasting end before the anarchism beclouds its current scope.

Conclusively, I also want the Kogi State government to beware that, since hitherto the perpetrators and Intruders of these perpetual killings has not been fetched out, all speculations and likely suspected causes that would be captured in the course of her investigation should be extra-sensitively handled, because the situation is already getting out of hand.
Again, the state government should register that, the continuity of this killings is stigmatarnishing the security status-quo of the state. Enough is enough!

Simon Maiwada
Public Activist and Humanitarian Administrator

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